I’m Married To A New Urbanist… #8

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Last week was #CNU20… if you are an NU you probably were in attendance, bought books, plotted how to give Okeechobee Blvd a road diet and came home with your NU cup overflowing. If you are a partner of an NU you probably just went through a week of communicating with your spouse in daily, 2 minute intervals and are now trying to figure out where to put all of these new books while your sweetheart is on the couch sleeping off their conference hangover.

I live really close to the conference and was able to give an “I’m Married To A New Urbanist…” presentation. Catch the video here. I hope you think I represented ‘us’ well :). So, I ended up staying the night and the next morning I drove Edward to the convention center on my way out of town.

Here’s our conversation…

Edward: You can just drive to that porte-cochère and I’ll walk across the street to the conference.

Me: Do you mean the valet parking lane to that restaurant over there?

Edward: Well, a porte-cochère is really where carriages would stop so people can get out.

Me: Do you mean the valet parking lane to that restaurant over there?

Edward: yes.

It was almost as if it pained him to have to talk to a normal person in regular terms. *Sigh*

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  1. Leiriane says:

    Years ago we bought an air hkoecy table off of Craigslist, and then had to figure out where to put it. Yes, it would have made more sense to figure out where it would go before buying it, but we probably never would have gotten it otherwise-we don’t have a rec room or finished basement.Anyway, it ended up on the front porch of our 1910 Craftsman-style house! It’s not exactly classy, but kids young and old have loads of fun playing, and it does help us hang out more on our porch. We live in Seattle, on an arterial with a bus line, so playing out front with our three young kids (6, 3, 2) is not very easy; air hkoecy has been an awesome way to work around the constraints of our street.

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