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Urban Details

The devil is in the details. Our work in urban environments require us to work in inches and and feet. When we lose track of the little details, terrible things can happen. Here is a picture I took showing one … Continue reading

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Engineers Have Lost Their Purpose

Engineers enjoy working on unrealistic grand visions. I want to continue to discuss the Myths of Development and Planning. In my first post, I shared the two myths that are commonly at the core of poor development. In the second … Continue reading

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How did you fund that?

This is the question receive on many of my projects. This is also the question I ask when I see ridiculous projects. There are four simple principles that I follow on any project: Want is the community vision? Any investment … Continue reading

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Incremental Urbanism Through Repaving

Welcome to summer and orange barrel season. Orange barrels can be a sign to more then just more asphalt, they can be a sign to something better. These round soldiers may be alerting you to an incremental project. There are … Continue reading

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Head Out Angled Parking

Head Out Angled Parking is one of the tools you need to have in your Urban Design Toolkit. Head Out Angle Parking is also know as Back In Angled Parking or Reversed Angled Parking, and is used in cities across … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Urbanism

Through the restless search for Urbanism, there are moments that highlight the lost art of urban design. North Adams, Massachuttess, has an amazing Main Street. However half of the street was demolished and redeveloped through urban renewal. The new portion … Continue reading

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Lessons for Mixed Use

There are several things that I have learned while planing, coding, and developing, mixed-use projects. These are not all the answers, simply a list of lessons and observations from my own experiences. I want to share this list with you, … Continue reading

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Never Give Up on Complete Streets

Never give up on the vision for a Complete Streets retrofit. There are millions of miles of roads ready for a walkability retrofit. Do not let current obstacles prevent you from improving your community. Here is an example where persistence … Continue reading

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Is Detroit the testing ground for Havana?

50 years ago, Detroit had the highest standard of living in the world. It was one of the most robust cities providing endless opportunities. Today, the City is described as a post-apocalyptic waste land. The city is financial bankrupt, the … Continue reading

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Martin County Stormwater Toolkit

One of the geographical features that makes Martin County so special is its proximity to the Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie River. Consequently, remediating the threat of stormwater runoff is a major concern for this community. The County’s Community … Continue reading

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